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Green Grey

Rock, Pop, Trip hop

Well-known Ukrainian rock band, which was founded in 1993 in the capital of Ukraine.

When the band was just starting to develop in the musical direction, their style of music was very cheerful. The mixing of styles was referred to by the participants as "British pop". This was the first band in the history of Ukrainian rock music, which included a DJ.

In addition, the project was also distinguished by the fact that its participants were the first to sign a contract with Pepsi Cola in 1996. The band has changed many times, today the members of the group Green Gray are: DJ Good, Diezel, Murik and Valery Derevyansky. the group was created and how it came to such success.

Every time, Green Grays not only perform like most bands, but create a show program to make everything memorable and truly spectacular.

They collaborated with the famous ballet, and in their performances used pyrotechnics, which explodes to the musical rhythm. Exactly as the director intended. The audience also saw this for the first time, it was not organized by any band, neither in Russia nor in Ukraine.

1994 was remembered by the group for their performance in St. Petersburg, when there was a festival called "White Nights". The speech ended with MTV President Williams Rody providing the children with a trip to London.

Each presented collection led to new tracks, which immediately began to spin on the charts. Today, the band Green Gray can download all the songs on the label "Green Gray" on the Internet on various sites, on YouTube, as well as on the official website of the group.

The first album was "The Best".

The second collection, recorded at a professional recording studio - "550 MF". Green Gray fans were just thrilled. That's why it's a pleasure to listen to the band "Green Gray" for all fans and admirers. Also for all fans of the band "Green Gray" photos of different years of formation and success of the group can be easily found on the Internet.

After a short break, the participants began to work on the 3rd collection of compositions "Emigrant". It was presented only in 2002. A modern video was shot in America for the most popular track, from which the team drew the name of the album.

This year's surprises did not end there. A survey conducted on the Internet showed that the group is considered one of the most popular in Russia. And when fans of the group from Ukraine decided to vote, she entered the top 10.

When the project was 10 years old, they decided to celebrate the event with a performance at the Opera House.

The audience was lucky not only to listen to the acoustic performance of the songs, but also to enjoy the stunning theatrical mise-en-scène and ballet. After the concert, the guys hurried to release the album "Two Ages".

The fourth collection was presented in 2005. It was called Metamorphoses. This more than reflected the condition of the group members. They were one hundred percent convinced that the heavy style of music no longer shocks people. From now on, everyone will have a chance to demonstrate what they can do with this hard sound.

Today, the guys continue to develop as musicians, realize their talents by releasing albums, recording music and shooting music videos.

The years are active

1992 - Present (25 years)

A well-known Ukrainian rock band that sings in Russian

Murik is a singer and songwriter

Diezel - guitarist and songwriter

Today, "Green Gray" is probably the most stubborn and most popular of the Russian-speaking groups in Ukraine. But if stubbornness is a feature of character, popularity is a consequence of hard work. Which consists in a constant passage in front of you. At least half a step ahead, but still ahead. Green Gray is constantly looking for - and finding - new ways and opportunities for qualitative change in its own creative activity. That's why each of their new albums contains some experimentation with the band's previous sound. All this is exacerbated by the fact that some time ago, "green gray" became, so to speak, a pioneer, because they were among the first groups to begin performing so-called "hard pop music". It is nice that even today the group works fruitfully and generates new ideas.


1997 - Green Gray

2000 - 550 MF

2002 - Emigrant

2005 - Metamorphosis

2007 - MRK "Star from Heaven" (Murik's solo album)

2008 - Trideo (multi single)